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Instructional DVD

Sergiu Popa launches his first instructional DVD for the accordion, entitled: Gypsy and East European Accordion with Sergiu Popa.

This DVD is full of step-by-step instructions, as well as useful tips for learning 5 different musical styles from Eastern Europe. It is intended for intermediate-level players who wish to have an introduction to music from this region (basic knowledge of accordion technique is recommended). Sergiu is an experienced, conservatory-trained teacher who is ready and willing to share his in-depth knowledge and expertise. Thanks to his unique musical background, he knows how to explain the details which will make all the difference in your own playing.

To order the physical version of the DVD, please click here.

Below is a list of retailers carrying the DVD, to be updated as they are confirmed:

The Ottawa Folklore Center, Ottawa
Musical Instruments of Canada, Toronto


To access the downloadable sheet music which accompanies the pieces taught on the DVD, please press the button below and enter the password, as indicated in the inside cover of the DVD.